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Please send your opinion to Japanese government.

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Dear Claudia

Thank you for sending me your recommendation.

I added an English translation of the form.

Please look at my first message.



03/04/11 11:03:53PM
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Please send your opinion to Japanese government.

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Dear Peter

I'm appreciate for you to have posted my request to some areas on this website.

When I read this issue today, I became very sad and felt strong anger, and sent a message to the Japanese prim minister, and twitted to Japanese major papers and CNN, and asked my friends to send a direct message to the Japanese prim minister, and placed my message on this website.

For more than a quarter century, since I started thinking about nuclear power plants, the problem is that there has been no place to discuss the problem in this country, but there has been only one question whether one to be for it or against it.

Since nuclear power plants exist, what we should discuss should have two discussions, one is how to make the plants more safety, and another is how to transfer to the new world with no nuclear plant.

But in reality, some people for it only praise its efficiency and safety, and others against it only alarm its danger and inefficiency.

As a result, nuclear for people insist its 100% safety (of course it's impossible ) and avoid introducing new safety solution.

For example, Japan has good robot technology, but it has not been applied this possible kind of disaster, and north European counties have new type of nuclear plants using minus pressure to cooling plant without electricity, but the technology hasn't been introduced into Japan.

Anyway, all reactors and used fuels have to be cooled and enclosed to avoid further radio active releasing, and many people have to work for it.

I think only what I can do is making their condition more safety by mentioning my opinion and making this issue more public.

Thanks a lot,


03/04/11 05:40:26PM
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Please send your opinion to Japanese government.

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What follows is not a political action (I think such action is not suitable for this website).

Please read a part of an article by the Mainichi News (one of Japanese major news papers) on March 30th, 2011:

"Amid increasing fears of workers being exposed to high levels of radiation at the plant, hospitals in Tokyo called on the workers to provide samples of their blood-forming hematopoietic stem cells ahead of possible massive exposure.

"Anything could happen at the nuclear plant, so preparation is important," said Shuichi Taniguchi, head of the hematology department at Toranomon Hospital.

A person's ability to form blood, when lost through radiation exposure, can be restored by transplanting his or her hematopoietic stem cells. Such a procedure is better than receiving a bone marrow transplant from another person as it avoids the risk of rejection.

Toranomon Hospital in Tokyo's Minato Ward said it is making preparations to take samples of the stem cells of around 50 to 100 workers on the front line at the plant. The cells will be preserved in a frozen state.

The National Cancer Center in Tokyo's Chuo Ward is also recommending that workers provide samples of their stem cells."


Today (3rd April 2011), according to Sankei (another major Japanese newspaper), the Japanese government turned down sampling workers' blood-forming hematopoietic stem cells.

I was sad to see how lightly our government thinks of their lives.

The Japanese government can easily change its mind by GAIATSU (pressure from overseas), so please send your opinion directly to the Japanese prime minister. The URL to use is: (written in Japanese language)

If you fill the the largest box with your opinion in Japanese or English and push the pale gray button at the bottom (with two Chinese character meaning send ), you can send your opinion. [We will translate or summarise the form contents below.]

[with minor editing by Admin., Research Co-op]

FORM TRANSLATION (in progress)

Please send opinion on governmental affairs and request

Fill out the form below and send it

If you would like to send a direct massage to an identified cabinet-level ministry or agency, click here.

All sections, other than opinion and request section, can be left blank

Please don't use special characters to avoid character corruption


Please write opinion and request in 2000letters or less

Please write in Japanese or English

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Caption for lower (larger field): =opinion and request

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21/10/10 12:14:58AM
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Wanted: photos of a market selling many kinds of radish

Illustration - REQUESTS

Hi all,

I'm planning to make presentation on agro-diversity at "Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting 2010" held in early December.

I am looking for photos of a market selling many kinds of radish.

In Japan, we
used to have hundreds kinds of radishes. But today, only one variety represents more than 95% of the market. These changes have happened within only past two-three decades. People in our parents generation enjoyed many varieties of radish. We still know the names but have only rare chances to see them. Our kids generation does not know even the existence of such varieties.

I think that the comparison of photos of markets selling abundant kinds of radish (in any country with radishes) and that of Japanese markets with only one variety will help to show what has been happening.

If you have such photos (showing many varieties of radish in a market) or have a chance to take such photos, I would be grateful for your help. I will acknowledge the source of any photo used, but do not have funds to purchase a photo (use is educational, not for profit).

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