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Angelos Skembris
Angelos Skembris
11 years ago
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I am a published author in the field of Electrical Engineering and I have substantial experience in editing and proofreading scientific articles and manuscripts, in engineering and in the social sciences. I have been doing this for more than 5 years with great results (references available upon request). I can also translate from and into Greek.

I am willing to edit and / or proofread small articles and manuscripts for free (up to 5 pages, 10 pts font), subject to my schedule load. Anything larger please contact me through the forum or a.skembris at quantdata.gr for a quote. Prices depend on the state of the manuscript and the type of services required. Please indicate the required deadline when submitting a manuscript and allow at least 4 days for manuscripts which are to be edited or proofread for free.

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