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Location: Athens, Greece
Work: Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Statistics, Scientific Writing, Translation
Biographical: Completed PhD in Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. I have numerous publications in scientific journals and extensive experience in scientific writing, editing, proof reading and translation of scientific articles. I mainly use English and Greek, but can also use German. Please message or email me for further info.

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Zuber, Richard
12/06/13 11:25:27PM @zuber-richard:

Hi Angelos,

We are so-called "friends" via the Research Cooperative.

We just heard here about what happened yesterday in Greece: you do not have state radio of TV any more.

To what degree are you concerned. What part of population were "using" state radio ot TV in Greece. Are there many private stations? On whom are they dependent? Who are owners?

Maybe you will find few minutes to answer these probably simple questions.




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