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Theresa Trisolino
Theresa Trisolino
11 years ago
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Hello Helen

I would be happy to proofread this for you - if you haven't had a reply already (which I assume you have!). I am a native English speaker (Italian to English translator).

Let me know


Theresa Trisolino

Helen Kopnina
Helen Kopnina
12 years ago
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I have a manuscript of 4800 words for proofreading. The manuscript can be characterized to be written within interdisciplinary social sciences with ethics and environmental theory as its focus. In a nutshell the subject concerns transition of 'nature' into 'natural resources' and ecosystem services through examination of environmental ethics.

This manuscript will be included into the special issue of Dialectical Anthropology journal (I am one of the two guest editors for this theme issue). The deadline is summer 2013.

Does any one have interest in free proofreading?

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