Fine-tuning our service forums - Greetings from Japan

Research Cooperative
21/01/17 11:01:06PM

Today I fine-tuned descriptions for all our service forums so that users can:

  • more easily understand how to use them, and
  • easily switch between service offers and requests.

See all service forums here .

And of course - please use the forums to make offers or requests for editing, proofreading, translation, etc.

Note also that we have a modern Chat room space in our network (see speech-bubble icon at side of the page), so no need for the wind-up telephone...


If you cannot recall a login password, your email address can be used to request a new password here.

After login, please go to the "Account details" tab under your name in the main menu, and then use the Profile tab to update your public profile.

Most of our members are based in the USA, and most of our site visitors come from the USA, so if this is the region you live and work in, our network can be useful for you.

Best wishes for 2017, and greetings from Japan!