A university in Assam in world's top 20 small universities (Times Higher Education)

Research Cooperative
28/05/17 10:13:58PM

Here is an excerpt from the current list of most highly-ranked small universities at



14. Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati , India

"This university was the sixth Indian Institute of Technology created by the government, and is based in Assam.

Being primarily focused on engineering and technology, the university does not teach social sciences or medicine, although it does offer some arts and humanities courses for its student body of nearly 5,000.

Although small, the university has developed quickly and encouraged an outward-looking attitude ..."


I am glad to see this. I only wish the university could be put in charge of managing road construction projects in Assam, or at least establish a school specifically for civil-engineering project management. Maybe they do have such a school. It is surely needed from what I have seen of the highways and main bridge in Guwahati and nearby!