Donner und Blitzen! Thunder and Lightning! Rice Fields Flashing!

Research Cooperative
01/06/17 10:43:14PM

The wet season has arrived in Kyoto with dramatic suddeness, just moments ago. The hils around us are resounding with long rolling thunder. Rain is bucketing onto the deck of our apartment. And the rice fields are flashing!

They were filled with water, ready for planting just yesterday. And now they are are reflecting the night weather from the sky to our window on the 4th floor.

It is dramatic and wonderful. Soon we will have fields of rice turning green outside the window. It is always surprising how quickly the seedlings grow and fill the fields with green leaves.



Here's an electric photo - a Honda all-electric car in the process of recharging from a house plug in Auckland, NZ. The dashboard recharge indicators are seen here through the reflection of clouds in a blue winter sky.

Perhaps in Japan, it will be possible to harvest wet season lightning as an electricity source. I am sure someone is looking at this somewhere.