Secondhand bookshops in New Zealand

Research Cooperative
10/06/19 10:36:04PM

It's easy to find bookshops online, but I would like to make a small promotion here of secondhand bookshops around New Zealand. The most obvious ones are dedicated used book stores in major cities. But then there are many more odd places that also sell old books along with other bric-a-brac: mission shops, charity shops, hospice support shops, and so on.

After my parents died, I gave an old book of lithographic black and white reproductions of Italian master painters to our local hospice shop. The paper was still good, after more than fifty years, and the text was Italian. My parents had picked it up in Italy during the war or soon after. The shop volunteers were happy! The book was of no use to me, but for them it was a rare book with actual market value. They double-checked that I really intended to give it away. I wished them luck.

So here is a list of easy-to-find bookstores. These all have websites, but don't forget to support good causes by keeping your eyes open on the street. In most shopping centres around the country, there is usually some place that will have a few old books for sale. If had the time, I would like to do a tour from North to South, just looking in old bookshops, and revisiting previous centuries in the process.


From North to South:

Waipapa: Village Books

Whangerei: Book Inn, Piggery Secondhand Book Shop

Orewa: Never Ending Books

Auckland: Academy Books | Eton Press, Bookmark, Christian Resource Centre, Dominion Books, Evermore Books, Hard to Find Books, Jason Books, Mercy Hospice Shop - Ellerslie, Mercy Hospice Shop - Royal Oak, Rare Books, The Book Exchange - Caffeine & Book Dealers, The Open Book, ubiq Bookshop,

Tauranga: Books A Plenty

Hamilton: Browsers Quality Seconhand Bookshop

Rotorua: Atlantis Books

New Plymouth: Bookstop Gallery

Palmerston North: Bennetts Bookshop Massey, Trash and Treasures

Porirua: Archway Books

Wellington: Arty Bees Books, Book Haven, Pegasus Books, The Ferret Bookshop, Vicbooks

Blenheim: Still Books

Christchurch: Bennetts Bookstore at Ara, Christian Value Books, Edgeware Paper Back Centre, Hornby Books, Scorpio Books, Smith's Bookshop, University Bookshop

Timaru: Readers Book Exchange

Oamaru: Slightly Foxed Secondhand Books

Dunedin: Dead Souls Bookshop, Galaxy Books, Hard to Find Secondhand Bookshop Dunedin, University Bookshop (Otago),