Research Co-op admin./founder visiting New York in March, depending on how things pan out

Research Cooperative
24/02/20 10:23:21AM

Hi... this is Peter in Kyoto. I am currently booked to visit New York, for the first time since 1975, as part of my work for the National Museum of Ethnology in Japan. Dates: 20th - 28th March, 2020.

I'll be visiting the American Museum of Natural History for research in the archives, and staying at the YWCA nearby. Also planning to visit the New York Botanical Gardens to look at plants.

If any of our members in New York would like to meet somewhere, please let me know.

Peter Matthews (Admin., Kyoto)

ps So far, occurrences of the new c.v. are rare in mainland Japan, and are being tracked quite effectively (the ship saga was a shambles, but also a wake-up for everyone in Japan). Seasonal flu cases have dropped markedly because so many people are taking extra care with hygiene - a good sign. Not sure what will happen in Korea, and whether my trip can take place as planned, as I am booked on a flight via Seoul.