India in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Research Cooperative
09/01/11 12:30:23AM

In a quck search of the DOAJ database (18th Aug. 2017), a total of 256 open access journals appear to be published in India .

Medical, genetic, and technical sciences are well represented, and there are some social science journals also. Investigation is needed to discover if any of the long-established print journals have migrated to an online, open-access format.

The lack of publications associated specifically with the ten largest cities is remarkable ( Population numbers for 2010 are from Wikipedia ):

Mumbai - 0 (population 13,830,884)

Delhi - 10 (pop 12,565,901)

Bangalore -1 (pop 5,438,065

Kolkata - 0 (pop 5,138,208)

Chennai - 1 (pop 4,616,639)

Hyderabad - 0 (pop 4,068,611)

Ahmedabad - 0 (pop 3,959,432)

Pune - 0 (pop 3,446,330)

Surat - 0 (pop 3,344,135)

Kanpur - 1 (pop 3,221,435)

Conclusions: (1) a lot of effort will be needed to bring the research publications of many large cities into the open-access format, and (2) there may be local journal directories that do a better job of listing the research publications produced across India.

Members of this group are invited to comment on these observations, and to suggest related sources of information about academic and research publishing activities in India.