Kaselehlie Maing from Pohnpei, Micronesia

21/03/11 11:40:24AM

We welcome any seeds for invigorating and diversifying sustainable organic agriculture and agroforestry on the beautiful rainforest island of Pohnpei where Vitamin A deficiency, Leptospirosis, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and an unhealthy dependence on imported processed food are stark realities.

The hospital can use any help and supplies you can offer here.

Kalahngan en kupwuromai


Dr. Amy Eisenberg

College of Micronesia

Agricultural Research

PO Box K2937

Kolonia, Pohnpei 96941



Photos by team member, John Amato, RN: www.pbase.com/jamato8

21/03/11 01:20:17PM @amy:

I don't know if Pachyrrhizus has been tried here. I do not believe so.....

Eggplant is very successful here and watermelon grows beautifully as well as other members of the Cucurbitaceae. Cabbage, bok choy and I am growing radishes do fine. Members of the Brassicaceae are important because they preserve health and have anti-cancer properties.

Ganoderma lucidum grows wild here however people do not like to eat mushrooms.

Can you send any seed? Where art thou now? Japan? Be safe and well. Psophocarpus, Inocarpus and long beans are grown.



Research Cooperative
21/03/11 12:35:03PM @chief-admin:

Dear Amy,

Have many legumes been tried as crops in Pohnpei and Oceania generally? If the climate is not very seasonal, in terms of day length and temperature, then tropical and subtropical legumes could be good crops to try.

In particular, I wonder if jicama ( Pachyrrhizus ) has been tried in Micronesia? It is a good multipurpose plant, and might produce useful food under a range of growing conditions.

The Greenweb site has a photo and short note on jicama . Botanical information is given by JSTOR PLant Science .