Minimum freelance rates in India?

Research Cooperative
15/06/12 08:21:46AM

Has any academic or professional organisation in India published recommended or common rates of pay for freelance editors, proofreaders, and translators?

Here is a note on such a service based in the UK, for editors and proofreaders working in the UK .


If not, then there may be a variety of ways to gather and present data on the subject, from authors and journals that use such services, and from freelancers themselves.

Individuals who can offer high-quality services can probably work at many pay levels, for clients in many countries, but wll need to know what is reasonable to charge in each economic and linguistic zone. My impression, from little experience, is that price comparison services generally do not give attention to context.

The ideal price-comparison service would express prices not just in (i) absolute terms, but also (2) in relation to local median income and costs of living, and also (3) in relation to value for the client, and the median income and cost of living in client's country.

This might lead to some kind of mathematical formula that helps all parties to see what reaonable compromises can be made when negotiating an actual price for a particular job.

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Thanks, P.