Indian Science Abstracts

Research Cooperative
24/06/12 09:44:58PM

The Indian Science Abstracts are provided as an open access online service by the National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR) , which is based in New Delhi.

The list of journals represented in the abstract collection includes international journals to which authors based in India have contributed. The list also appears to represent mainly print journals.

In India and the world generally, most online journals have been started without the institutional or academic support that print journals typically needed to get started. The latter can move into the digital age with the advantage of a reputation built on the distribution of print copies over many years.

Of course there will be exceptions. Among the completely online academic journals that originate in India, have any been able to achieve a high reputation yet, in India or beyond?

Please investigate and report back with a reply to this message, or a new message!

Thanks, Peter