please help me brethren

Cymon Dunamis
24/08/12 07:04:39AM

it is time to write ma MBA thesis.I wish to write on two topics but it seems it is not possible.i have been thinking about two areas in is branding of universities in ghana(my passion) and alternative ways of marketing banking products(because of my career).

for my passion area, i have this topic (branding of universities,comaparative study of two universities in kumasi) and the other topic is (Alternative ways of marketing banking products in kumasi-ghana).please can u an individuals comments about both topics.i am kind of confused

Cymon Dunamis
26/08/12 08:05:23AM @cymon-dunamis:

it seems to me from your responseto my last postthat u didnot really understand me.what i meant is that, u help comment about ma thesis topic(Alternative ways of marketing banking products in kumasi-ghana)

Research Cooperative
25/08/12 08:17:20AM @chief-admin:

Dear Cymon,

Recently I received a printed annual report of the the University of Auckland Foundation (NZ) which is an organisation that manages donations to the university for student scholarships, research projects, and other research and teaching activities. The foundation manages millions of dollars, and is very much involved in building the brand of the university (which aims to be strong in both teaching and research, international, and also involved with local communities in NZ).

Some funds come from past students (living students, and also bequests after a former student has died), and some comes from private companies that past students have set up, and some come from families wishing to donate to medical research after a family member has been in hospital.

The Foundation has to deal with many banks and investment companies to manage the incomings and outgoings. Universities need banks to build their brand, so to speak, and banks need universities as relatively big customers, and as places where they can deal with many new customers (university students aiming to make themselves financially independent from their parents, with their own bank accounts).

You could look at all aspects of the relationships between banks and universities. Branding is not the only aspect involved, but it is important for both the universities and the banks. It may not be a big scale matter in Ghana, but making a physical map of where banks are located in relation to university campuses, and asking people directly (in interviews) about issues faced by banks, students, and the universities would be a good starting point. You can respect privacy by strictly avoiding questions about actual accounts. The questions should be more around issues of image, access, service etc.

In any case, you do need to do some original research before you start writing!