The Ethnobotany Society

Research Cooperative
25/06/11 11:54:01PM

Dr Kumar has proposed here the establishment of an international society for ethnobotany.

Although related societies for ethnobiology and economic botany already exist, he has found that there are no international societies that place a focus on ethnobotany in their title.

A brief title deserves an explanatory sub-title. Something like the following might be suitable, but this needs to be discussed over time, as one of the activities of a foundation working group...

The Ethnobotany Society (TES): For local and international research and education

"Ethnobotany International" may also be an unclaimed name. It suggests a more proactive stance towards international activities.This may beyond the initial scope of an unfunded organisation.

Ethnobotanical research and related activities can be local, regional, national, and international. As a title, 'The Ethnobotany Society' is more open for interpretation and is more adaptable to changing circumstances (the Society can begin small, and become larger, without overstating its reach at the beginning).

The definitive particle 'The' announces an intention to play a leading role in the field. This might encourage a wider range of members to join.

It may also be good to consider possible names for a publication series.


World Ethnobotany Review: An occasional series of the Ethnobotany Society.

An occasional review series would be easier to manage than a regular journal, and nothing like it exists, as far as I know.The process of putting together a world review volume, every three years, for example, would be a good vehicle for gathering an international membership for the Society.

I would prefer a Society such as this to help authors to get their usual work published in existing journals that cover ethnobotanical research, are well-known, and already have financial, editorial and management support.

Vinod Devidas Devarkar
27/06/11 10:30:14PM @vinod-devidas-devarkar:

Dear Sir,

The Ethnobotany Society :Research Home of Ethnobotanists

would be suitable.. in my opinion.

Devarkar VD