Title of the proposed Society

Dr Akhilesh Kumar
27/06/11 02:45:33PM

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Ethnobotanical Society page.

You are invited to join discussions of our working group for establishment of an ethnobotanical Society. (See also previous comments by Dr Matthews). Our working titles for the Society include:

The Ethnobotanical Society (TEBS): For local to international research and education".


The Ethnobotanical Society (TEBS): an international home of Ethnobotanists.


The Ethnobotanical Society (TEBS): an international home for Ethnobotanical Research and Education.

Discussion is open to all members of the working group and your advice is welcome.

[with minor editing by PJM, 27.vi.11]

Research Cooperative
27/06/11 04:10:14PM @chief-admin:

Dear AK,

The Ethnobotanical Society


The Ethnobotany Society?

Both are grammatically correct, but a shorter title will be easier for people to say and write.

Combining this and the previous discussion, the following title and description might be good:

The Ethnobotany Society: an international home for ethnobotanical research and education

Having Ethnobotany in the main title and ethnobotanical in the subtitle/short description means that keyword searching on either term will more easily locate the Society.