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The silent colourful pain.

user image 2009-05-21
By: dr minoo bhagia
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Pin drop silence of ICU ,'' beep'' ''beep'' of the ventilator's monitor.Heart is visible, respiration is visible,yes the monitor screen--the only evidence of life.I can see pain everywhere.Pain in between the doors of operation theatre.Pain in the red OT light which has shifted to the eyes of someone....the pain of waiting !unknown unseen pain echoing from the beep beep of monitor.Fresh red pain on the instruments and gloves.Old dry pain on the floor in the form of stains of blood.Life is slipping like soap bubble from the hands.Pink pain flowing from the eyes.White pain of the anaemic bloodless body.Black scary pain of the dark moonless nights. Blue pain... ''the silent pain of silent sky''.The yellow pain on the tips of fingers.It has now become stable in the dilated pupils of stone like eye balls....the ultimate pain , the last pain silently vanishing with life.Yes I saw a tear...''.Silent tear of silent pain.''The floor of OT has been washed and mopped .I can smell formalin because bacteria of pain spread very fast.There is another door bell ringing.I have come out.Trees also look sad to me.Receptionist is counting a single breath.The pain has shifted from one monitor to another.Another body is ready.Nurses and anaesthetist are checking connections and air pressure of the ventilator.Everything is fine.BP is okSPO2 is 98%Respiration is normalHeart rate normal.Monitor's beep beep is there.Pain is silently watching and waiting for new life and happiness as bacteria of happiness take longer time to spread.The highway is running fast.Life is running fast.Some pieces of glass and spots of blood are still thereBut....The show must go on.........!


dr minoo bhagia
21/05/09 09:26:00PM @dr-minoo-bhagia:
Thanks for appreciation Peter.Your poem is just awesome.
Research Cooperative
21/05/09 07:07:13PM @chief-admin:
And life does go on. Thanks for the non-fiction with a heart.P.
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