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ICGRT 2010

user image 2009-07-12
By: dr minoo bhagia
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First International Congress on Global Reproductive TourismVienna, Austria from March 2528, 2010For more details contact---mfridenzon@paragon-conventions.comVisit---www.ICGRT.com


dr minoo bhagia
12/07/09 03:34:54PM @dr-minoo-bhagia:
Peter,The aim of the conference is to discuss ethical , economical and legal aspects.You can contact them at--Paragon ConventionsPart of Liberty Group International18 Avenue Louis-Casai1209 Geneva, SwitzerlandTel: +41-22-5330-948, Fax: +41-22-5802-953If you want I can forward your message to them,.I have already given them the link of research cooperative.As soon as I get the answer I will let you know.
Research Cooperative
12/07/09 12:56:12PM @chief-admin:
Dear Dr Bhagia,I discussed this conference title with my wife (Japanese) and she mentioned a recent case of a Japanese single man obtaining a child through a surrogate mother in India, but then finding that India would not allow the child to be sent abroad to a single male parent, and that the Japan would not accept the child as a Japanese citizen. Is 'tourism' being used as a euphemism by people traveling in order to obtain children - and by the people who help arrange reproductive services? In any case, the wish to have children is a serious matter, and a natural wish, and the topics covered by this conference are all very serious too.Do you happen to have any contact with the organisers?Best regards, Peter
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