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Location: Leicester, UK
Work: cultural diversity, intercultural learning, creativity, feminist thought
Biographical: My email address is: Career History Prior to joining the University of Leicester in 2002 I had a varied professional career, organising art and design courses for further education students (1980-1992) and formal education provision at the Horniman Museum, London (1992-2002). Academic Qualifications I hold: PhD Museum Studies, University of Leicester; MA Women’s Studies, University of Westminster (2000); MA Modern European Thought, University of Greenwich; Art Teachers Certificate with Art Therapy, Goldsmiths University of London (1978); Diploma Japanese (1975); BA Art and 3D Design, University for the Creative Arts (1974); Foundation Arts, Goldsmiths (1971) Research Awards Research funding awards include: ‘Developing Museum Literacy in Japan and the UK’, Daiwa Small Grant (2010-11); ‘The potential of the contemporary art museum as a learning zone’, Den Frie Contemporary Arts Denmark (2010); ‘Intangible culture and the forging of citizenship: memory, reminiscence and oral history’ Daiwa Small Grant (2005); ‘Inspiration Africa! Using Tangible and Intangible Heritage to Promote Social Inclusion Amongst Young People with Disabilities’ British Academy (2004) Current University Responsibilities Currently I am Programme Director of PhD Research Studies and Lecturer in Museum Studies, University of Leicester (2002-). Prior Research Achievements My research formed part of the Museum Studies submission to the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise, which was rated as having the highest proportion of world-leading research of any subject in any UK university. The four papers submitted in 2008 were based on contemporary concerns in the anthropology museum, specifically surrounding traditional hierarchies of power and control that have a stubborn persistence in the present day, to the detriment of facilitating inclusive sites for intercultural and intergenerational understanding. Current Research Activities I remain intent on exploring the potential of the museum to challenge all forms of prejudice, particularly racism and sexism. I am a member of several international and interdisciplinary research networks including: Re-sisters and The Black Body in Europe (); the International Council of Museum Ethnographers (ICOM-ICME), elected to Board and Newsletter Editor (2004-7) and Secretary (2010-13) Conference Organisation I have organised conferences on my research themes and and gained funding to deliver academic papers and workshops internationally including: Taiwan, Japan, Korea, USA, Germany, Egypt, South Africa, Holland, Portugal, Denmark and the Czech Republic. Publication (selected) Books: Golding, V. 2009, Learning at the Museum Frontiers: Identity, Race & Power, Ashgate, Surrey Golding V. 1999, Cultural Journeys: Traditions from Africa, Wayland, Sussex Book chapters: *Golding, V. 2009, ‘Dreams and Wishes: the multi-sensory museum space’, in Dudley, S (ed) Museum Materialities, Routledge, London: 224-240 *Golding, V. 2007, ‘Challenging Racism and Sexism at the Museum Forum’, in Anim-Addo, J and Scafe, S (eds), I Am Black, White and Yellow An Introduction to the Black Body in Europe, Mango Publishing, London: 148-166 Golding, V. 2007, 'Learning at the Museum Frontiers: Democracy, Identity and Difference' in Knell, S. MacLeod, S. and Watson, S. (ed) Museum Revolutions, Routledge, London: 315-329 *Golding, V. 2007, 'Using tangible and intangible heritage to promote social inclusion for students with disabilities: 'Inspiration Africa!', in Watson, S. (ed) Museums and their Communities, Routledge, London: 358-378. An earlier version is available at
Favourite Publications: 1) Museum and Society (hosted at the website of the School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester) 2) The International Journal of Museum Management and Curatorship 3) Museums and Social Issues 4) Senses and Society

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03/08/20 11:18:28PM @fernandamaziero:
Hi Professor Viv I found your page at Leicester University and was very interested in your articles. I am in Brazil, studying for a PhD project and would very much like to have access to your material. I made a list of those that interested me the most and I would like to know if you could send me any of them for my reading. Best regards Fernanda Fromm, A, Golding, V. and Rekdal, P. 2014, (eds) Museums and Truths, Cambridge Scholars Press, Newcastle: 221pages Golding, V. and Modest, W. 2013, (eds) Museums and Communities: Curators, Collections, Collaboration, Berg: 290 pages Golding, V. 2010, ‘Communication & Learning in the 21st Century Museum’ in The Problems of Museology (Voprosy museologii), 2010, Vol.1: 89-98 Golding, V. 2007, 'Questions of cultural authority: drawing on diverse perspectives and interpretations', in Khan, N. (ed) Connections/Disconnections: Museums, cultural heritage and diverse communities , pp27-40 Golding, V. 2010, ‘Dreams and Wishes: the multi-sensory museum space’, in Dudley, S (ed.) Museum Materialities, Routledge, London: 224-240 Golding, V. 2005 'The Museum Clearing: A Metaphor for New Museum Practice' in Atkinson D., and Dash, P. (eds.) Social and Critical Practice in Art Education, Trentham Books, Staffordshire, UK: 51-66 Golding, V. 1999, 'Working with Multicultural Communities' in Moffatt, H., and V. Wollard, (eds.), A Manual of Good Practice in Museum Education, The Stationery Office, London: 56-68.
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