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Location: Serbia, Belgrade
Work: EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATION 1998-2004: Kyoto National University, JAPAN; PhD degree 1996-1998: Kyoto National University; JAPAN; MS degree 1994-1995: Kyoto Prefectural University, JAPAN, training course 1992–1992: Ramat-Gan University, ISRAEL, training course 1983-1987: Leningrad State University, RUSSIA; BS degree 1973-1983: Biologically advanced school, Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN PROFESSIONAL PROFILE 1988 -2000: Soil Science Institute, National Academy of Sciences, Almaty, Kazakhstan. 1996-2002: Kyoto University, Japan; Master and PhD degrees. 2003 – present, leading scientist at the National Institute of Soil Science, of the Ministry of Science and Education, Belgrade, Serbia. 2012 – Honorary Professor of the West-Kazakhstan Agrarian-Technical National University named after Zhangir-khan, Kazakhstan.  The main research areas are within the soil science and agriculture cover the following topics: soil fertility and dynamics of soil organic matter under different climatic conditions; carbon sequestration; pedological investigations and cartography, soil pollution with toxic elements, impact of different agro technical technologies on biology, climate changes and global warming, land use, pedology and application of GIS based technologies on all mentioned fields.  I am an experienced International Expert for evaluation of project proposals for Ministries of Science and Education, and Ministry of Agriculture.  I coordinated and participated in international and national projects in the scope of above mentioned fields.  Experienced in translation of specific, technical and scientific texts (books, monographs, papers etc.) from/to English, Russian, Serbian, Kazakh Croatian, Bosnian languages  Proficient in English, Russian, Serbian, Kazakh Croatian, Bosnian languages; speaking Japanese.
Biographical: Dr. Elmira Saljnikov Nevesinjska 17, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia Tel: +381-11-2439809 Mob: +381-637409123 E-mail: elmirasal@mail.ru Working language: english, russian, serbian, croatian, bosnian, kazakh

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