Hernan Buitrago Ramirez

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Location: Leticia; Amazonas
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Location: Leticia, Amazonas, Colombia, America del Sur
Work: Ethno Sciences, Ethno Philosophy, Ethno Epistemology Governance and Home Affairs Humanitarian aid, crisis management and post-crisis assistance
Biographical: Expert professional in the Social Area (Health, Education and Culture) with four year formation in Statistic and title in Anthropology of the National University of Colombia Central Headquarters of Bogotá. I have twenty-five(25) years of experience as Researcher and professor and Advisoryconsultant in universities and in the writing, evaluation, administration and execution of projects, programs and departmental and national development plans. He is writer of articles of scientific popularization in specialized magazines and in the media, and national and international lecturer.Í am qualified to work in atmospheres of high yield and multiple objectives.

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