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Biographical: I found the link in the email correspondences with Mr. Peter Matthews.

Hello, co-ops?

In the last winter, while making correspondences with Dr. Peter Matthews, I read a very impressive opinion on traditional craft. he wrote, "It's a curious thing.... the timber, bamboo, and mats in a traditional SE Asian house where people seem attached to land can all be converted, in theory, into materials to make a canoe and sail away. Traditional technologies have always been very versatile.... with similar raw materials being used for many different purposes, for building houses, and for leaving them, or for making houses that are also boats (in the case of the sea nomads)." (sorry Dr. Matthews for this quotation without the permission in advance. if you're not comfortable, I will take down this post.)

He also mentioned the concept 'bricollage' along with the discussion. as an artist, I think Im quite acquainted with the concept, but relating it to rather traditional materials feels opening a new dimension at the time.(thanks again Dr.)

I will go on the research about it further, and am planning to visit Bali region this September. I wonder if anybody has some recommendation about resources, places to visit in the region.
Or some advice...

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