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Location: Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
Work: I am a sociologist with interests in political and economic sociology, particularly in the informal and illegal economies where I have published several books and dozens of peer review articles. In Iraq I work at the University of Salahaddin in the Department of Social Work and I also rum a Business Management training center called the Cross Cultural Management Center
Biographical: +964 (0) 750 327-6984 (Iraq) (916) 230-4404 (U.S.) Education: • B.A. Sociology. 1987. UC Berkeley • M.A. Sociology. 1989. UCLA • Ph.D. Sociology. 1993. UCLA • Fulbright Scholar. 1991-1992 • OAS Fellow. 1992-1993 • NDRI/NIMH Fellow. 1999-2001 Positions: • 2013 to present: Owner and Managing Director, Cross Cultural Management Center. • 2010-2012: Country Manager, London Corporate Training. • 2010-present: Professor, Department of Social Work: Salahaddin University Hawler. • 2009-2010: Head of Department of Sociology and Applied Social Sciences: University of Kurdistan-Hawler. I have also aught in the US, Mexico and Egypt. Publications: • Street Entrepreneurs: People, Place and Politics in local and global perspective. Co-edited with Alfonso Morales. Routledge Press. 2007. • "Testing the Boundaries of the Informal Sector" special issue of International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, (co-edited with Alfonso Morales) Vol. 20 No. 9/10 2000. • Street Vendors and Urban Policy: New Perspectives, special issue of the International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy (co-edited with Steve Balkin) Vol. 20, No. 3-4, 2000. • Informal Politics: Street Vendors and the State in Mexico City. Stanford University Press. Stanford, CA. 1998. • The Politics of Street Vending in Mexico City: The Other Resistance. (Ph.D. Dissertation) University Microfilm International, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 1994. Peer reviewed articles/chapters: • “Place, Identity, and Deviance: A Community-Based Approach to Understanding the Relationship between Deviance and Place,” with Alfonso Hernandez. Deviant Society. 2011. • “Federalism in Iraq: Definitions and Comments,” In University of Salahaddin Law Journal. 2010. • “Piracy in Mexico” in Toward Détente in Media Piracy. Joseph Karaganis (ed). New York: SSRC: 2010. • “La Piratería en México: Aspectos Globales y locales de Criminalización y Resistencia,” in Diálogos de Saberes. Alejandra Chávez Ramírez (ed). Elaleph Press. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2008. Over 20 other Peer Review journal articles

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