Khandoker Abu Jafor Saleh

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Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Work interests: Development Field
Preferred contact method: Reply to post in blog/forum/group
Preferred contact language(s): English
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Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Work: Social Research
Biographical: Population Council, House # 21, Road # 118, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212Working Language-English

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Twenty years’ experience as a facilitator, program implementer and partnership manager in various areas of social and behavioral change communication initiatives for disadvantaged, destitute and socially excluded people. Become expert on social mobilization, advocacy, networking & strategic communication. Well experienced on peer approach, project management cycle as well as monitoring and supervision. Have notable organizing capacity & well capable to facilitate training/workshops for target audience as well as stakeholders. Have competency in preparing modules, manuals &...

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Khandoker Abu Jafor Saleh
11/07/20 11:11:46PM @khandoker-abu-jafor-saleh:

Hello Friends,


I have not viewed the page for long time. I hope all of are in good health and blessed.



Francis Matasero Chebus
22/04/10 09:23:17PM @francis-matasero-chebus:
Hi,can you please tell me the level of your research so that i can start assisting you.Thanks very much . Greetings from Nairobi Kenya.Chebus Matasero Francis.
Irshat Ara Bin-te Eunus
09/12/08 03:06:54AM @irshat-ara-bin-te-eunus:
Hi saleh bhai,kemon acen. Kono khobor naik ken? I always receive a msg frm u in any festival. U r a good friend. How s going ur work? i am fine in rome. Now i have a laptop, its a good news fr me, right.Bye bye


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