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08/12/21 02:57:14PM @kousikroy:


Greetings!  Hope you're doing well.  

We are a team of 20 members who are showing their potential for the fulfilment of customer’s requirements in Digital Publishing. Invida Trans IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata has been engaged in successfully providing copy-editing services for the last 10 years. The CE team comprises those members who mostly had relevant experiences in the similar field.  A number of copy-editors have an exposure of working with big organizations of repute. I would like to convey that we have been working with a number of eminent international publishers as a second-order service provider – Elsevier (books and journals), LWW, MedKnow, Springer, Taylor & Francis, Educreation, etc., to name a few. We are also associated with SPI, Philippines, as a direct service provider, and are successfully providing our copy-editing service for the prestigious RSC (London) journals.

We are well versed with the requirement of work – language wise (both US and UK) and technicality wise. In addition, we are working with LaTex projects on the BaKoma TeX platform.

 I can assure you that we could deliver the required level of professional quality with a strict adherence to schedule fidelity.

If you would like to send us a page of your work (email to koushik@invidasolutions.com), we'll send you a sample of how we work.

Looking forward to receiving an optimistic response.

Best regards,



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