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Editage is the flagship brand of Cactus Communications and provides academic editing services to researchers and journals. We edit a wide variety of subjects from Biotechnology to Humanities to Management. We also edit all types of documents from journal articles to dissertations to daily correspondence. The majority of our business comes from editing manuscripts for researchers who are nonnative speakers of English. Our editors are typically native speakers of English from countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, and Australia.We are currently looking for copyeditors and substantive editors to work with us on a freelance basis.Preferred Candidate Background: Expertise in any of the following subjects: chemistry, physics, engineering, computer science/IT, earth and environmental sciences, agricultural science, genetics, taxonomy, economics, finance, linguistics, psychology Experience in working with researchers who are nonnative speakers of English Familiarity with the style and conventions followed in academic writingJob Responsibilities (copyeditors):You will be required to edit research papers to ensure conformance to native English standards consistency in the use of terminology correct sentence structure, word choice, grammar, and punctuationFurther, the final paper should be free of typographical errors and meaning changes.Job Responsibilities (substantive editors):In addition to performing a copyedit, substantive editors are required to make structural changes, ensuring that the content is well-organized and that the tone is appropriate write a cover letter for the author and provide a short report on the quality of the original document revise the document based on the clients inputs if necessaryNote: Since this is a freelance position, job hours are flexible.To apply: Contact Velany Rodrigues, MA, ELS, Managing Editor, Cactus Communications Pvt. Ltd.Tel: +91-22-6714 8888Fax: +91-22-6714 8889E-mail: freelancepositions@cactusglobal.com
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Advancing the Cause of Volunteer Groups

By Minhaj Rais, 2009-06-22
Over the past few years, Editage has developed a strong presence in the academic segment in Japan. With our vast experience in serving and interacting with various researchers and organizations, we aim to assist volunteer groups in their communication efforts in partnership with the Research Cooperative.As a part of this community service initiative launched by Editage (among the leading editing services providers in Japan), we offer help to NPOs/NGOs/student bodies looking to communicate their efforts more effectively in English. Specifically, we can help with writing, editing, proofreading, typesetting, and designing of documents, manuscripts, and website content.As an editor at Editage, I will be actively participating in this groups activities to offer help to volunteer groups and coordinate and assist in the execution of various tasks as per your requirements. Please feel free to contact me through this group or by sending a message if you wish to know whether you are eligible. The basic filtering criterion is that you need to be an NPO/NGO/student body. If you meet this criterion, then depending upon the scale and nature of your project, we will advise you on how we should proceed.Through the Japan Focus group, we intend to specifically reach out to such volunteer groups in Japan that are in need of help in making their communications in English more effective.
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