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Location: International
Work interests: Providing NPO social network for better research communication
Affiliation/website: Serving all members of the Research Cooperative
Preferred contact method: Other (details below)
Preferred contact language(s): English
Contact: email (researchcooperative atto gmail dotto com)
Favourite publications: PJ Matthews and J Akamine, eds. (2004) Research Writing in Japan: Personal, Cultural, and Practical Perspectives, Senri Ethnological Reports No. 49. National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka.

What is Jamroom?

  • Our content management system

    Jamroom is an open-source content management system (CMS) that was originally developed to help musicians present their work online. It has grown into a very flexible CMS that can be used to build social networks (in effect, a content management and networking system, CMNS).


    PSN was created by installing Jamroom software modules on an internet server, creating a domain name on that server, and pointing a public domain name to the server domain.

    The owner of the software modules, or designated administrators, can then use the modules to build a website with member profiles, groups, forums, pages, photo galleries, music galleries, audiovisual galleries, and so on.

    At PSN the owner is PJ Matthews, on behalf of The Research Cooperative .

    Many different configurations are possible, using the modules, and new modules are constantly being developed for new functions by Jamroom, and also by independent software developers who sell their modules through the Jamroom Marketplace.

    Understanding the Jamroom CMS is useful for understanding how the Public Service Network can be used. Please visit Jamroom ( ) to learn more!