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Location: International
Work interests: Providing NPO social network for better research communication
Affiliation/website: Serving all members of the Research Cooperative
Preferred contact method: Other (details below)
Preferred contact language(s): English
Contact: email (researchcooperative atto gmail dotto com)
Favourite publications: PJ Matthews and J Akamine, eds. (2004) Research Writing in Japan: Personal, Cultural, and Practical Perspectives, Senri Ethnological Reports No. 49. National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka.

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See full contact details here and Documentation for information about joining and managing an account and public profile. Members can offer or request help in the Services forum,...

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Research Cooperative
@network-profile • 2 years ago

Simplified the service profile pages today

Research Cooperative
@network-profile • 3 years ago

Checked links to Documentation after switch to the new Sitebuilder module beta. All good as of 11th August 2015

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Research Cooperative Video 1

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