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Location: International
Work interests: Providing NPO social network for better research communication
Affiliation/website: Serving all members of the Research Cooperative
Preferred contact method: Other (details below)
Preferred contact language(s): English
Contact: email (researchcooperative atto gmail dotto com)
Favourite publications: PJ Matthews and J Akamine, eds. (2004) Research Writing in Japan: Personal, Cultural, and Practical Perspectives, Senri Ethnological Reports No. 49. National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka.

Standard regular member

  • How to join as a "Standard Regular Member"

    To join, please use the "Create account" tab in the main menu.

    Anyone with an interest in the aims of the Research Cooperative can use this tab to apply for membership as a "Standard Regular Member".

    Your membership will always be free.

    The application can be completed by confirming recept of an email validation message sent automatically from our network.

    Your account details will eventually be checked by a site administrator, who will consider the short self-description provided when creating your account.

    We are making every effort to keep spammers can be kept out of the network. (Please note: we do not accept individuals or companies that offer academic ghost-writing services).

    When you join, "Standard Regular Member" is the default option.

    Every member is asked to complete a public profile page. This can be done when you first join, or when you log in again at a later date. The details required are minimal, and concern only your general location and work interests.

    Eventually you will be asked to complete your public profile details in order to continue using the site. Thanks for your attention. 

  • Member benefits

    1. As a Research Cooperative member you can post offers, requests, and replies in our forum for services related to research communication and publishing . Benefits are the same for our Standard regular members, and our founding regular members .

    2. Members can also propose or join groups to discuss research and communication in different disciplines, topics, languages, and locations. See all groups index .

    3. Every member  is provided with a public profile page that has options for creating a profile blog and a gallery for images that you want to show (e.g. an illustrator's portfolio).  Your profile blog has its own URL, so you can redirect an independent web address or URL directly to the blog page.

    4. If you are keen to create and manage your own group, a free " Advanced Regular Member " membership can be request by directly contacting Admin.  With this membership category, more advanced options for using the network are provided.

    5. Better research communication.

    Note: A uthors are often too shy about asking for help. And editors do not always effectively look for work on topics that best suit their own abilities or aims for experience.

    To all authors - please do not hesitate to seek help and critical feedback on your writing! This is best done from an early stage in the writing process, or at least from when a first full draft has been completed.

    To all editors, translators and other service providers - please do not hesitate to describe what kind of work is most suitable or interesting for you.

    For better research communication, we need to build positive, supportive relationships among all the people involved in getting research published.