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'Tips for Networking' are occasional notes broadcast to all Research Cooperative members. Practical tips, and more frequent contact with members, will encourage more use (and more-effective use) of the network.


The 'Tips' are generally short -- shorter than the Research Cooperative Review.


Issues 1-18 were written while our network was hosted by the Ning company, and here renumbered to reflect the actual sequence, as the numbering became confused over time (PJM update 18th Dec. 2016).

Feedback and suggestions for new tip topics are always welcome (see also the list of possible future topics at the bottom of this message).

Suggestions can be sent to the Research Cooperative c/o PJM, the present tips editor (researchcoooperative at gmail dot com). Comments on any of the published tips (old or new) are also welcome at any time.

Previous issues and topics:

No. 18 Preparing for a change of our network hosting service

No. 17 Be interested - on your terms

No. 16 The engine room - our panel for offers and requests

No. 15 Using topic keywords to find members with similar interests

No. 14 Messages for offers, requests and invitations

No. 13 Personal details and your profile page

No. 12 Search central

No. 11 How to invite others

No. 10 Groups and invite links

No. 9 Inviters and greeters

No. 8 Example offers and requests

No. 7 What does our network look like?

No. 6 Adding value to our network

No. 5 Functional improvements on our top page

No. 4 Bloggers and blogging at the Research Cooperative

No. 3 Controlling "latest activity" report at top of your profile page

No. 2 Email settings II

No. 1 Email settings I

The first announcement explaining 'Tips for Networking' was made using the Research Cooperative Review. While most tips relate to using the Research Cooperative website and communication with other members of our network, we also include tips from outside our network, and may occasionally cite authors who have published useful advice elsewhere.

Our tips include:

1. Technical tips about using the Research Cooperative website, or
2. Social tips about what to say in profiles and in our forums and group pages, and how to say it (etiquette, etc.).

Future tip topics.
1. Privacy controls
2. Profile information
3. Profile images
4. Sharing Co-op content and messages
5. Sending messages
6. Choosing to be an 'agent'
7. Disguising personal email addresses when offering or seeking direct contact.
8. Personalising the appearance of your own page in the network
9. Etiquette guides and advice for social networking
10. Ning help for members
11. Moderating
12. Setting up a group
13. Languages within our site (Unicode, etc.)
14. Setting up your own social network
15. Leaving our network
16. Negotiation
17. Expectations and reality about making useful contacts (some effort needed)
18. Samples and service trials
19. Volunteering and professional development
20. Finding and choosing groups
21. Promoting your language service or publishing business
22. Promoting published books, and discussing book production
23. Other...

Tip sources
PJM - Dr Peter J. Matthews, Network creator and administrator, The Research Cooperative.