SCRC will focus on the theme of research-based publishing in any medium, for any audience.

We take a broad view of what constitutes research, defining it here as any attempt to understand any aspect of the universe through interaction, observation, and thought.

In order to accept contributions of broad scope, and to encourage the play of imagination by diverse contributors, we will keep all communications short.

Our long view is that the universe of research-based publishing is currently in foment, and that some comprehension of this universe may emerge if our contributors can explore and report what is happening from many different perspectives.

This in turn may help authors and publishers discover or create new venues for communication, and may create new opportunities for editors, translators, illustrators, and others who wish to support research-based communication.

Short communications must be original and single-authored. They may include submitted or commissioned working notes, essays, illustrations, photos, and videos. All items should be introduced with a short written abstract. Published sources and personal communications should be cited, as needed. Article length may be between 400 and 2000 words. All contributors are invited to join our publication group page as commentators, and may respond to reader comments here if they wish.

Editors of the SCRC reserve the right to accept, reject, or delete submissions or commissioned pieces for any reason, at any time.

Copyright and translation rights

All contributions are copyright of the authors, and may be reproduced by them in any manner they wish (e.g. in translation, or in any media), elsewhere.

The Research Cooperative requests permission from all authors to:

(a) use articles in translated form within the Research Cooperative network, if and when needed for a particular purpose, and

(b) reproduce articles, including translated versions, in electronic and printed form in future compilations, with author details included.

Acceptance of initial online publication by the Research Cooperative is deemed to imply permission-in-principle for these limited and non-exclusive further uses. Actual further use will not be done without consulting with each author concerned to confirm permission for a particular use.