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Location: Department of chemistry, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria
Work: Method development for the determination of persistent organic polutants and Trace metals in Environmental and Biological samples.
Biographical: Working Language: English CURRICULUM VITAE 1. Name: OGUNFOWOKAN, Aderemi Okunola Surname (other names) 2. Date and place of birth: 18th August, 1961, Nationality: Nigerian 4. Marital Status: Married 5. Number of Children and age: Three: 12 years, 11years and 6 years. 8. Present Status: Associate Professor 9. Postal Address: Department of Chemistry, Obafemi Awolowo University, Faculty of Science, Ile Ife, Nigeria B. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Higher Educational Institution attended with dates: 1. Ogun State University, Ago Iwoye, Nigeria 1983-1987 2. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. 1989-1992 3. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. 1993-2000 Academic Honours: (a) The Chromatography forum of Delaware Valley 1995 Student Award for presentation of an outstanding research paper in Separation Science (May, 1995). (b) Voted 2nd best poster presenter by the Chromatography forum of Delaware Valley Pennsylvania, U.S.A. (June, 1995) Academic Awards: (a) Postgraduate fellowship, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. (A teaching and Research Fellowship) 1990-1992. (b) World Bank Staff Development Project Fellowship Award 1994-1995 (c) American Chemical Society (Mid -Atlantic Region Pennsylvania) Travel Award (May 1995). (d) National Research Foundation (NRF) Pot-Doctoral Award (South Africa) (May 2001) (e) Organization for the prohibition of Chemical Weapons Travel Award (OPCW) The Netherland to Gaborone, Botswana (July 2003). (f) Ogunkoya OO, Ogunfowokan AO and Odekunle TO: Land use , hydrological\pathway and Soil degradation implications in Southwestern Nigeria. Research grant awarded by: United Nations University Institute for Natural Resources in Africa (UNU/INRA) 2003. (g) 3rd Position 2003 Faculty of Science most productive Scientist of the year, Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile Ife Nigeria (h) Organization for the prohibition of Chemical Weapons Travel Award (OPCW) The Netherland, to Tanzania (August 2004) (i) Southern and Eastern Africa Network of Analytical Chemists (SEANAC) Travel Award, to Gaborone Botswana (15th-18th July, 2007) (j) Organization for the prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) The Netherland Conference sponsorship Award for the 1st Annual International Conference of the Chemical Society of Nigeria, Osun State Chapter (July 27-29, 2008). PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS: (a) I have attracted foreign scientific visitor to the Department of Chemistry to give Scientific Lectures to the University Community, and have initiated collaborative researches in Overseas. (b) I have obtained overseas fellowships and grants (including Travel Awards) for four (4) of my postgraduate students (1 M.Sc and 3 Ph.Ds) for a period of three months each to enable them complete their post-graduate programmes. © Secretary, Chemical Society of Nigeria (Osun State Chapter) and Secretary, Local organizing committee of the 1st Annual International Conference of the Chemical Society of Nigeria, Osun State Chapter (July 27-29, 2008). Number of Postgraduate Students Supervised: A. MSc Candidates Supervised (MSc with Thesis): 8 Candidates B. PhD Candidates Supervised: (3 candidates) Number of postgraduate students currently being supervised: four (4) (M. Sc.); two M. Phil. and one (1) PhD Reviewer of Manuscripts for Journals both Locally and Internationally: (1) Ife Journal of Science, Nigeria; (2) Environtropical, Nigeria; (3) African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology; (4) International Journal of Environmental Health Research (Taylor and Francis, UK); (5) Guest Editor, Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry (Taylor and Francis UK) {Aderemi O. Ogunfowokan (2009): Editorial, Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry Vol. 91, No. 5, July 2009, 797}, (6) Journal of Medicinal plant Research; (7) Journal of Environmental Management (USA), (8) Inderscience (9) Journal of Petroleum and Gas Exploration Research C. Membership of Professional Bodies: (a) Member Chemical society of Nigeria (b) Student Membership American Chemical Society (1995-1996) © Associate Member Quality Control Society of Nigeria (1993-Date) (d) Member Nigerian Society for Environmental Management (2003 – Date) e) Foundation Member of Southern and Eastern Africa Network of Analytical Chemists (SEANAC) (2003 to date) (f) Member, Nigerian Field Society (2007 to date) E. PUBLICATIONS: 1. Dissertation/Project Work: (a) Effect of varying additives on the structural development in emulsion paint (Industrial Training Project) 1986. (b) Determination of the effect of different loading of carbon black on the properties of rubber mixes (Industrial Training Project) 1986. (c) Comparative Study of Soap from Sulphonated and Unsulphonated Palm kernel Oil. (B.Sc. Project) 1987. (d) Physico-chemical analysis of effluent discharged from beverage processing Plant 1991. (e) Determination of Phthalate esters in surface waters of South Western Nigeria (M.Sc. Thesis) 1992. (f) Moss, surface runoff and associated sediments as indicators of metal and trace organic pollution in Lagos, Ile-Ife and Osogbo areas (P.hD.Thesis) 2000. (a). BOOK CHAPTER: (i) Ogunfowokan, A.O. and Fatoki, O.S. (2000): Toxicity of Phthalate Ester to Living Organism and their Occurence in Surface Waters of South Western Nigeria. In: Effect of Pollutants on Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystem. Ed. Badejo, M.A. and Van Straalen N.M. Publisher College Press Ltd., OGC Enconsult Bldg, Ibadan Nigeria pp 167-179. ISBN 978-2194-12-3. 3. Selected Published Articles: (i) Fatoki, O.S. and Ogunfowokan, A.O. (1993): Determination of Pthalate Ester Plasticizers in the Aquatic Environment of South Western Nigeria. Environment International USA 19, 619- 623. (ii) Fatoki, O.S. and Ogunfowokan, A.O. (1993): Procedural Cleanup Technique for the Determination of Phthalate Esters in Aquatic Environment. International Journal of Environmental Studies USA 44, 237-243. (iii) Ogunfowokan, A.O. and Fakankun, O.A. (1998): Physicochemical Characterization of effluents from beverage Processing Plants in Ibadan, Nigeria. International Journal of Environmental Studies USA 54, 145-152. (iv) Ogunfowokan, A.O., Malomo, R.A., Agboola, F.K., Olaniran, A.O. and Aladegbaiye, A.O. (2000): Physicochemical Quality of Nigerian "Pure Water"- A Preliminary Study. Nigerian Journal of Medicine, vol 9, No 1, January-March 6-9(ISSN 1115-2613). (v) Ogunfowokan A.O., Famuyiwa S.O., Adenuga A.A. and Fatoki O.S. (2002): Determination of cadmium and lead in urine of some Nigerian subjects. International Journal of Environmental Health Research (UK) 12, 283-287. (vi) Fatoki O.S. Lujiza N. and Ogunfowokan A.O. (2002): Trace metal pollution in Umtata River. Water SA (South Africa) 28, 183-189. (viii) Ogunfowokan, A.O. and Asubiojo, O.I. and Fatoki O.S. (2003): Isolation and Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Surface Runoff and Sediments. Water, Air and Soil Pollution ( The Netherland) 147, 245-261. (xiv) A.O.Ogunfowokan, , N.Torto , A.A.Adenuga and E.K.Okoh (2006) Survey of Levels of Phthalate Ester Plasticizers in a Sewage Lagoon Effluent and a Receiving Stream. Everonmental Monitoring and Assessment ( The Netherland). 118: 457-480. (xv) Nelson Torto , Lesego C. Mmualefe, Jonas F. Mwatseteza , Bonang Nkoane, L. Chimuka, M.M. Nindi, A.O. Ogunfowokan (2007) Sample preparation for chromatography: An African perspective. Journal of Chromatography A (USA) 1153, Issues 1-2, 1-13. (xvi) Adenuga A.A., Ogunfowokan A.O., Torto N. and E.K.Okoh (2007) Levels of Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn and Cd, in effluent from a Sewage Treatment Oxidation Pond and a Receiving Stream- A preliminary study. Ife Journal of Science (Nigeria) 9 (1): 115-128 (xviii) Ogunfowokan A.O., Adenuga A.A., Torto N., E.K.Okoh (2008) Heavy Metals Pollution in a Sewage Treatment Oxidation Pond and the Receiving Stream of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. (The Netherland) 143: 25-41 (xix) Ogunfowokan A. O., J. P. Kaisam, M. O. Balogun, & K. A. Adelusola (2008) Analysis of Cd, Cu, Pb, Zn, Hg and Mn in kidneys and liver from human cadavers – A case study in South Western Nigeria. Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry. 90: (4) 653-662 (xx) Ogunfowokan A.O., Oyekunle J.A.O., Amusa N.A., Babarinde N.A., Akinyemi A.J. and Onijamah K.A. (2008) Quality of some commonly consumed “Pure” and Bottled Waters in Ago Iwoye Ogun State- A comparative study. Ife Journal of Science (Nigeria) 10: (1) 45-51 (xxii) Ogunfowokan A.O., J.P. Kaisam and M.O. Balogun (2009): Study of trace elements in urine of some Nigerian medical patients. Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry. 91: (3) 435-449. (xxiv) Babarinde N.A.A., Babalola J.O., Oyesiku, O.O., Ogunfowokan A.O. and Onabanjo A.C. (2009): Kinetic, equilibrium and thermodynamic studies of the biosorption of cadmium (II) from solution by Stereophyllum radiculosum Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry. 91(5) 911–922 (xxv) Ogunfowokan A.O., J.A.O. Oyekunle, L.M.Durosinmi, A.I.Akinjokun and O.D. Gabriel (2009): Speciation study of Lead and Manganese in Roadside Dusts from Major Roads in Ile-Ife, South Western Nigeria – Chemistry and Ecology, 25:6, 405 – 415 (xxvi) Ogunfowokan A.O., Akanni M.S. and Ajibola R. O (2010): Physico-chemical Quality and Trace Metal levels of Municipal Water From Three Reservoirs in Osun State Nigeria- Asian Journal for Air, Water and Environmental Pollution – In press MANUSCRIPT ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION: N. Torto; A.O. Ogunfowokan, E.K. Okoh, and A.A.Adenuga: Determination of some Endocrine Disruptors in a Sewage Treatment Oxidation Pond and a Receiving Stream by High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry- (As a Chapter of a book, Germany) 4. Published Edited conference proceeding: (i) Aderemi O. Ogunfowokan and Olabode I. Asubiojo Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Surface runoff and Sediment (The 9th International Chemistry Conference in Africa Arusha, Tanzania, University of Dar es Salaam press Dar es Salaam Tanzania pp 217-224. (Venue, Publisher, City, pp.)
Favourite Publications: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Air, water and Soil pollution, Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry, Water South Africa, Ife Journal of Science, International Journal of Environmental studies.

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