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Location: Croydon, Surrey, United Kingdom
Work: Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacology
Biographical: Mobile: 07411260423 I am a graduated in Chemical and Pharmaceutical technology and I am a member of the "General Pharmaceutical Council", of the " Institute of Science and Technology" and of the "Cambridge Natural History Society". I am working on genetics and I have did a publication in a peer -reviewed journal.
Favourite Publications: IST Journal, Nature, Science

I am glad to present to all the members of "The Research cooperative" a new database, the "NDOCdata-bank".
The "Negatome Database for Organic Chemistry reactions" is an information bank in which are collected information of non-performing reactions in organic chemistry. Aim of this project is to promote a share of information in the scientific community useful to avoid the effects related with the debacle of the chemical reactions. If you would like to add a failed interaction derived from your research job on this data bank, please leave a message on my profile page or follow the linksites.google.com/site/ndocdatabank/

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