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Location: Wisconsin, United States
Work: Invertebrate paleontology/paleobiology, geology, paleobiogeography, stratigraphy
Biographical: B.S. Geology: University of Wisconsin - Whitewater (in progress) B.S. Japanese Studies: University of Wisconsin - Whitewater (in progress) Member of: Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Gamma Theta Upsilon Honor Society President: Geological Society of Whitewater, Sigma Gamma Epsilon Honor Society - Eta Omega chapter T.A. and researcher: Department of Geography & Geology, UW-Whitewater. Research Intern: Department of Paleobiology, Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History Author/presenter: "Microgastropod Paleoecology and Stratigraphy Before the End-Permian Mass Extinction, Pine Forest Range, Humboldt County, Nevada." (2009) Author/presenter: "Geochemical Signature of the Permian-Triassic Transitional Environment, Pine Forest Range, Nevada." (2011) Current research: "Comparison of the Permian gastropod faunas of the eastern Klamath Mountains, CA and the Pine Forest Range, NV."

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Orlene Mcilfatrick
14/08/10 12:43:51AM @orlene-mcilfatrick:
Always happy to see folks from all over joining! The more people there are the better the range of skills available in the community and the wider the scope of discussions we can offer everyone :)
Orlene Mcilfatrick
13/08/10 10:47:46PM @orlene-mcilfatrick:
Welcome to the Research Co-operative Rhi! Hope you find lots of interesting stuff here, feel free to start discussion topics, groups etc and come join in the general banter over in the 'social side' group...we are currently discussing non-research related books to read for fun :)O


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