Sania Hamid

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Location: jammu and kashmir
Work interests: ethnobotany and plant reproductive biology
Preferred contact method: Reply to post in blog/forum/group
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Location: India
Work: Ethnobotany and conservation.
Biographical: working as asstt, Professor in college. languages: urdu, english, hindi,kashmiri.
Favourite Publications: Ethnobotany, Phytotaxonomy, Current Science, Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge.

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Prasant Kumar Singh
09/03/11 02:23:22PM @prasant-kumar-singh:
Thank you Dr Sania, please provide me your E-mail, I have to discuss a project proposal
Prasant Kumar Singh
09/03/11 02:21:04PM @prasant-kumar-singh:

Thank you Dr Sania for accepting the request. I have to submit a project proposal & want your help for its revision/suggestion. Please provide your e-mail for the same.



Prasant Kumar Singh
28/02/11 04:01:15PM @prasant-kumar-singh:
Thank you Dr Sania for your response. I am going to apply for a Postdoctoral programme & I have prepared proposal fot that, if you may please revise it for your valuanle suggestions, It will surely be beneficial for me.Regards,Prasant
Prasant Kumar Singh
23/11/10 03:47:40PM @prasant-kumar-singh:
Thank you very much Sania for accepting the request, I am presently working in college as a lecturer (Botany) and working on Ethnomedicinal plants of Sonebhadra district, Uttar Pradesh.With regards,Prasant


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