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Location: International
Work interests: Proofreading Scientific Papers
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Preferred contact language(s): English
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Location: International
Work: LEADERS IN SCIENTIFIC PROOFREADING FOR NON-NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS. We offer excellence in scientific proofreading at a cost-effective price. Our clients choose between our 24 hour express service and a 4 day service.

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'Science Proofreading' works with leading scientists and aspiring students to give their papers the final professional touch they need to ensure they are not rejected, or receive low marks, due to poor English and mistakes in grammar, punctuation or spelling.

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Jason Pearce
09/12/10 12:34:38PM @jason-pearce:
Thanks very much for this information and the link, David. Nice website. We have authors who come to us independently of any publisher to see whether we offer rewriting services for non-native speakers, so it's good to have a service to which we can point them. All best, Jason
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