Reaching to research questions/questions to consider while reading an article

Some steps: 

1. Following the best way to read a research article

Let's assume you did extensive literature search and have plenty of articles on which you are interested to read at. Now you may make a list of relevant research questions and try to focus on those queries in the articles you read.

2. To focus on the context, you may read the introduction

3. To get an idea on the hypothesis/research question, you need to follow the last few paragraphs in the introduction

4. Is the method complete, correct and clear (3C)

5. If you find anything related to your ideas, it be be method....that you want to repeat in your study in your country.

6. You may ask to your advisors if you find anything unclear.

7. Try to guage the quality of the article you are reading: is that published by a reputable journal, citation number (not always)

8. Make a "journal club" as a team to help understand the papers each other

9. You may search anything you want doing a search on Google.

Your area of research>>What is known so far>>What is unknown>>Which not known do you want to focus in (you have reached)

Remember! unknown could be a gap on which you can step in, but unknown always does not mean that is important.

Which not known do you need to concentrate in?

You may look at these:

1. Why the un known need to be addressed?

2. Technical knowledge, individuals, money (are these all enough to move ahead to explore the unknown)

Note: research questions should be very specific and NOT vague



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