Ethics for researchers


On Being a Scientist: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research

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Ethical violation in research has been increasing: 

1. Bad conduct: fabrication and plagiarism

2. Levels of bad conduct has been increasing than previous.

3. Retraction of articles has been increasing due to unethical activities in research

Some words to represent different types of ethical violation in research

1. Intentional plagiarism

2. Unintentional plagiarism

To avoid plagiarism : use quotations, summarize and paraphrase 

How to recognize

3. Data falsification

4. Data fabrication

5. Conflict of interest

6. Duplicate publication (1. Submitting a paper at the same time to two or more journals and 2. Republishing conference papers) 

If your research study is involving human, plants and animals, you may need to obtain research approval from an ethical team before you step in your work. You may ask about the process to your advisors.


Who qualify to be an author of your research paper?

1. Authorship guidelines

2. Order of authors (from greatest contribution to least)

Conflict of interest

Journal retraction

Most retractions due to misconduct (Source: Sabine Kleinert, The Lancet)


“The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking”. (Albert Einstein)


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