Writing a research paper-II

"if the reader is to grasp what the writer means, the writer must understand what the reader needs". (Gopen and Swan, 2018)

Citing and refrencing a past work is important. Why?

1. Give credit

2. Add credibility

3. Show relationship

4. Help readers 

5. Writing ethically

Reference management software, free!

1. Mendeley

2. Zotero


You NEED to read the whole paper if you want to cite in your article. Just looking at the abstract it may not be possible to understand the research. 

You also need to be clear and specific on the placement of citations. Eg. 

The x-ray has been done for human and animals (Sharma, 2010; Thapa, 2017)

The x-ray has been done for human (Sharma, 2010) and animals (Thapa, 2017)


Some useful notes:

1. Every table and figure must be clear and readers looking at the table should be able to understand the paper with out reading detail in the text. 

2. Refrenced in the text with its number

2. You may need to look at the author guidelines the way how you need to prepare tables and figures and send to the journal.


Figure can be anything such as:

1. Graphs

2. Diagrams

3. Maps

4. Photographs

5. Satellite and microscope images

6. Flowcharts

7. Any visual information

R ( https://www.r-project.org/) can be used to perform data analysis and make tables and figures. It's a free software.

Any images can be processed using open source tools such as GIMP  ( https://www.gimp.org/)




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