Cross check your paper before submitting to journal

Queries to be considered

1. Does your paper comply with the author guidelines, cent percent?

2. Does your paper contain any thing that you should not write?

3. Does your paper contain everything that is needed?

4. Does your paper contain all the information correct?

5. ....consistent?

6. ....clearly phrased?

7. ......logically organized?

8. ....everything concise?

9. .....grammar, punctuation, spelling and english?

10. ....well designed tables and figures?.......numbered?.....cited in text?

Who should submit a paper to the journal?

There might be many authors in a paper. One of the author can be the corresponding author and need to submit the paper to the journal. However, other authors need to agree for his every attempts in a communication with the journal. 

Suggesting peer reviewers

You may suggest researchers (who are not involved in your project/group/department) and to whom you think could review your paper (you might have gone through their articles during literature review and cited their work: suggest them)

Avoid any conflict of interest

If you feel important, you may suggest reviewers to whom you think they should not review your paper (it could happen because of competition). Someone will be biased against your work; suggest them.




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