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Location: Karachi, Pakistan
Work interests: Health, heritage, environment, exclusive interviews
Affiliation/website: International News Services Ltd
Preferred contact method: Reply to post in blog/forum/group
Preferred contact language(s): English
Contact: Shahid Husain Pakistan Correspondent (Bureau Chief), International News services LTD (INS)
Favourite publications: The Guardian newspaper, UK, New Yorker, NYT, Down to Earth, New Delhi, India

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Location: Karachi, Pakistan
Work: Health, Environment, Human Rights, Heritage
Biographical: Special Correspondent, The News International, Karachi, Chief of Bureau, The Sunday Indian, New Delhi.

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Shahid Husain
@shahid-husain6 years ago
I have a dream and I think my dream has come true
Shahid Husain
04/12/21 10:42:33PM @shahid-husain:
In 1989 when I worked for the weekly "Pakistan & Gulf Economist '' in the capacity of Senior Reporter I along with my colleague Bushra Jabbar Khan went to Pakistan Institute of International Affairs to attend a lecture of Prof. Stephen Cohen. There was some tension between Pakistan and India. Muhammad Ali Siddiqi, one of the senior most editors of Dawn asked Prof. Stephen Cohen: "Will there be a war between Pakistan and India?" Prof. Cohen replied: "Prior to the 1965 war somebody asked me the same question and I said No and there was war. Prior to the 1971 war somebody asked me the same question and I said No and there was war. I am again saying NO." I was amused. At tea break I asked Prof. Stephen Cohen to give me his business card. He gave me his business card. I handed it over to my colleague Bushra Jabbar Khan who now lives in Chicago. She was very anxious to go abroad. For a long time I and Prof. Stephen Cohen would exchange mails. Some 10 years ago when I was in the US my friend Tim Kennedy of Strategic Policy Group mailed me a list of all the Washington-based think tanks and I got myself registered in left-of-center Prof. Stephen Cohen's think tank as a scholar. Suddenly my youngest daughter Aliza Husain, who is very attached to me, sent me an email stating: "Pappa agar aap wapas nahi aye tu mein America aa jaon gi." I sent an email to Tim Kennedy stating:"Tim, I am going home. First I will join a Pakistani think tank and then come to the US again.' He replied: "Shahid, Is there any reliable think tank in Pakistan?" Once I sought opinion about Prof. Stephen Cohen from Dr. Masuma Hasan, chairperson, PIIA. She said: "Arey aesa hey hey." I have been a member of PIIA since 1973 and would study there from 2pm to 8pm. I worked at the Creative Cell" of Soviet Press & Information Department, Karachi. (July 1973-1980). I resigned from the Soviet PID on my own accord. Thereafter I worked for many publications, including The Guardian newspaper and fortnightly Down to Earth, India. I have resumed writing for The News International.
Best regards,
Shahid Husain
Address: B-405, 5th Floor, Building C-3,
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Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi.
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