• Invitation for sponsors

    The Research Cooperative seeks practical, financial and concept sponsors to maintain, develop, and promote our NPO network.

    Practical = technical support for the site and for promotion.

    Financial = donation by a person, business, or organisation.

    Concept = approval of the aims of the network (for authors, language services and research communication).

    Sponsors can be acknowledged in various ways. The primary means of acknowledgment is through display of a sponsor logo or name on our 100companies.co page.

  • Branded sponsorship at the Research Cooperative

    If you or your company or institution can offer to sponsor our network in practical or financial ways, please contact Dr Peter J. Matthews (researchcooperative-at-gmail-dot-com). Thank you.

    As an NPO network, the Research Cooperative requires sponsorship and member donations to cover costs for hosting, maintainence, development, and promotion.

    As network creator, I can cover costs for some development and promotion, but future support will need to be provided by other people or companies with good understanding of the scientific and educational "publishing ecosystem".

    To attract sponsors, we need to choose sponsors who have natural interest in the aims of the network, and must offer ways to make the business or social activities of each sponsor visible.

    One way to do this is through "branded sponsorship" -- providing a central online presence for each category of sponsor for the Research Cooperative in a way that "lifts all ships" at the same time.

    As a starting point, I can offer dedicated sponsor tiles in a static page that has a simple, memorable domain name and keyword tags. 

    See:   100companies.co

    The panels may be considered similar to the sponsored fence posts that line entrance paths to many temples and shrines here in Japan.

    The companies and individuals who sponsor our network may have competitive or cooperative relationships with each other, but can all benefit from being seen by visitors to our 'temple of knowledge'.

    Offers, comments and suggestions are all welcome.

    Dr Peter J. Matthews (network creator), Kyoto, 4th August 2016