Svetlana Veselova

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Location: Russia St-Petersburg
Work: philosopy , antropology, bioetics, megapolis, network
Affiliations: Researcher of topic of megapolises in Europenan Civilisation and Contemporary global informational network. Saint-Petersburg State University. Department of antropological philosophy. Member of Art Critics and Historians Association (AIS). Curator of intercultural interdisciplinary program Art Locus Transit
Biographical: 1998/99 Course of Seminars and Round Tables "CONTEXTS OF POSTMODERN ARTS". Art-center Pushkinskaya 10, St-Petersburg. 1998 "Modius Scriptorium", Gallery 103, Pushkinskaya 10, St-Petersburg. 1999 Intercultural Program "Contemporary City. Between Architectural project and Informational net". ( St- Petersburg State University and Galleries of Art-center Pushkinskaya 10). St-Petersburg-Moscow. 1999 Participation in the work of Art laboratory of the international archeological conference at the museum park “Arkhaim” (Ural- Russia). 2000 “Nardi” (Backgammon), Museum of Contemporary Art, Yerevan, Armenia. REpresent in Spider & Mouse gallery, Moscow, Russia 2001 “Stone. Flesh. Signs”. Art Academy. Riga. Latvia Other Projects 2000 Second international biennial, Gyumry. 2000 V-the international art fare “Art Manege”, ARTINFO box, net-project,Moscow, Russia 2001 “Manholes”. Fine Art gallery, Moscow, Russia 2003 “Magic Flutes — Dreams come true”. An international exhibition as part of the 52nd German Mozart Festival from (8th to 18th May), Chemnitz. Germany 2004 ‘Willderness” 4-th International Biennial of Gumry Participation in Conferences and seminars 1995 The theme of death in the spiritual experience of mankind (The 2ndInternational Conference). St-Petersburg. 1998/99 The fifth, the sixth, the seventh International Conferences on Theory and History of Culture. St-Petersburg. 1999 Intercultural Program " Contemporary City. Between Architectural project and Informational net". ( St- Petersburg State University and Galleries), St-Petersburg-Moscow. 1999 International archeological conference at the museum park “Arkhaim” 2000 The Fifth International Conference on Urban History. European Cities: Networks and Crossroads. European Association of Urban Historians (EAUH). Berlin. 2002 Alexander Pjatigoskiy’s seminar. Riga University. Riga. Latvia. 2002 2nd International Congress of Sociology. Sociology: A Lesson on Freedom Thessaloniki, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Greece 2003 Cultural Conquests 1500-2000 (An International Colloquium). Prague. 2004 Seventh International Congress on Philosophy and Culture.DYNAMICS OF VALUES IN CONTEMPORARY CULTURE. St. Petersburg Branch of the Russian Institute for Cultural Research. 2005-2006 European Studies. Korvinus University. Hungary 2014 Mediaimage and mediaecology. St-Petersburg Staate University