Thea Kersti Tandog

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Location: Philippines
Work: Archaeology, Anthropology, Gender Studies, Japan Studies, Philippine Studies, Southeast Asian Studies

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Al Sabado
19/10/10 06:56:29PM @al-sabado:
Hi Thea, kumusta? May Tagalog page tayo dito, sali ka? Ingat. :)Al
Orlene Mcilfatrick
24/08/10 09:41:04PM @orlene-mcilfatrick:
Dear Thea,Thanks for joining the co-op!We have lots of members working in your specified research interests world wide. To find them, please enter a relevent keyword/ subject or interest into the Global Search bar located at the top right hand corner of the webpage, and a list of similarly interested members will appear.Anyhow, welcome to the network. Please look around and make use of our forums.Any questions, please feel free to contact a volunteer or a member of Admin staff....And don't forget to invite your colleagues!Orlene McIlfatrick(Co-op volunteer, Edinburgh )
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