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Calling Codes

By Research Cooperative, 2016-10-11
Calling Codes

I often need to look up international country codes. The following sites are useful:

AT&T Internet Service

CountryCallingCodes .com

StudyAbroad .com

World Telephone Numbering Guide

Place Names & Place Codes

By Research Cooperative, 2016-10-11
Place Names & Place Codes

United Nations list of countries and areas for statistical purposes ("M49 standard"):

The International Organization for Standardization displays 248 official short names for countries, and short identification codes for each country .

The World Gazetteer by Stefan Helders is a rich source of information on places and geographical data.

Maps of Net is a huge aggregation site for maps of the world, with comprehensive destination gazetteer.

The AuthaGraph world map shows the true areas of ocean and land in a rectangular layout.