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Learning English at BBC

By Research Cooperative, 2019-04-19

Not academic, but possibly of interest to many, is the BBC Learning English website page a

At the top of the site, there is a language selection button.

Navigation through the courses and lessons is provided in several languages.

Academic English phrasing

By Research Cooperative, 2018-02-03

There are many books on academic writing methods, but not many that look comprehensively at common phrases used in research writing. This University of Manchester (UK) website looks useful:

The site ' aims to provide you with examples of some of the phraseological ‘nuts and bolts’ of writing organised according to the main sections of a research paper or dissertation'... and states that ' the items in the Academic Phrasebank are mostly content neutral and generic in nature'. 

Topic headings include: Being Critical, Being Cautious, and many more. Each topic is introduced by an overview of usage for the topic. I highly recommened reading these passages and also the main introduction here: About Academic Phrasebank


By Research Cooperative, 2016-10-10

Astronomy Thesaurus - covers English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

CAB Thesaurus - multi-lingual coverage of life sciences, technology and social sciences.

ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) Thesaurus - based in USA, covers bibliographic citations and digests, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education.

Ethnographic Thesaurus - based in USA; covers folklore, ethnomusicology, ethnology, and related fields.

European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies - based in Europe; covers international relations and area studies, and the languages English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech, Croatian and Russian (English or German interface).

Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus - based in USA; covers fine art, architecture, decorative art, and material culture.

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names - covers all nations of the world, including vernacular and historical names, coordinates, place types, etc.

Getty Union List of Artist Names - based in USA; covers artists and architects, including variant names, pseudonyms, and language variants.

LC Thesaurus for Graphic Material   - covers terms terms related to graphic materials.

Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) - covers medicine and health.

Public Health Language - based in the UK.

Thesaurus for the Social Sciences - based in Germany, covers terms in German - English - French.

UNESCO Thesaurus - covers "the fields of education, culture, natural sciences, social and human sciences, communication and information"

Visual Thesaurus - a commercial site that gives a sneak preview of a potnetially very useful service. The main service is not free unfortunately.

See also: Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies SIG of ASI .



By Research Cooperative, 2016-10-10

The Science Dictionary - A "specialized science search engine that queries billions of the web's top science pages for scientific information"

Online Life Science Dictionary - based in Japan.

World of Science - "Online Science for All" b ased in India.

Babylon Science & Technology - "The World's Best Online Dictionary"

Biology Online - "Run by enthusiasts from all around the world"

Opposite Dictionary - "Find opposite of a word in seconds. Largest opposites dictionary"

Pronounciation Dictionary - "All the words in the world. Pronounced" based in Spain.

Science Dictionary - " The World's Largest Online Science Dictionary" b ased in the USA.