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Category: Time toolkit

Time Zones & World Clocks

By Research Cooperative, 2016-10-10

Check the time in another country when planning a phone call, sending a message, or using a chat panel. These sites typically carry a lot of advertising. Sorry, that's the business model, but they can be useful. If you know any better sites, please tell us!

Everytimezone  - an interactive graphical interface to compare your time across time zones.

The Time Now  - plan meetings across multiple time zones, and more.

The World Clock  - comprehensive with many options.

Time Zone Map - world time zones, dates, and times.

World Clock Meeting Planner  - find the best time for an online conference across time zones.

Time and Date - all the above features, including a very useful Date Calculator, which can show the date for a given number of days, years, etc after or before a given date.