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Papagao by Naver

By Research Cooperative, 2022-03-23

Naver Corporation, a Korean company, describes its online translation service as follows:

"Papago is an automated interpretation application that is useful for traveling overseas and communicating in foreign languages. It was developed with NAVER's own technology, which integrates speech recognition, speech synthesis, machine translation, and character recognition.

The underlying core NMT (Neural Machine Translation) technology has been uniquely applied to translate sentences as a whole instead of splitting into phrases in order to provide more accurate and contextualized translation services."

My Japanese wife prefers this machine-translation service for Japanese/Korean, and the tool offers a wider range of Asian languages than similar tools provided by European companies:

Chinese (simplified and traditional), Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese

(alongside English and a few European languages)

The online service can translate text snippets or website pages (scroll down to enter the URL). There is also an app that can be downloaded onto a computer or phone, for most common systems.


The service has a nice parrot image as logo.


Internet (23rd March 2022):