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By Research Cooperative, 2022-02-27

There are many writing style guides guides published by universities, academic journals, governments, publishers and others.

(1) Council of Science Editors

Scientific Style and Format guide (requires subscription)

"This manual’s recommendations on scientific style focus primarily on nomenclature and symbolization. The principles governing these topics are presented in sufficient detail to make clear the basis and rationale for appropriate style, but the manual does not include comprehensive lists of scientific terms, symbols, and abbreviations for all disciplines. Authoritative documents are available in many disciplines to guide authors who are responsible for coining new terms and symbols and those who need to use them. References for these documents, many of them now available online, are given at the end of the relevant chapters."

(2) 1Password is an internet service that has a useful guide for website developers. This may help the Research Cooperative (for example) to communicate more clearly with site users in its technical documentation, and in automatically generated messages. See:

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