Undrakh Mishigdorzhiyn

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Location: Russia, Ulan-Ude
Work: Thermo-chemical treatment of metals and alloys, scanning electron microscopy
Biographical: Name: Undrakh Surname: Mishigdorzhiyn Date and place of birth: 5 April, 1984, The Republic of Buryatia Marital status: married Citizenship: the Russian Federation Telephones: work 007 3012 41-26-11 E-mail: druh@mail.ru Education: - 2007-2011 East Siberia State University of Technology Post graduate education - 2002-2007 East Siberia State University of Technology Higher education Academics degree: PhD Specialty: Metal science Dissertation thesis: “Development of the technology of thermocycle boroaluminizing of carbon steels”. Place and date of PhD thesis defense: Bauman’s Moscow State technical university, 14 June, 2012. Position: Research scientist of the Laboratory of electron microscopy and X-ray spectral microanalysis of the “Progress” Centre.
Favourite Publications: Metal science and heat treatment, Surface Engineering, Surface and Coatings Technology

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